iCubate provides next generation multiplex PCR technology.


iCubate’s Processor can run 1-4 cassettes in a random access fashion.


iCubate’s Reader allows for automated data collection from iCubate cassettes.


iCubate’s Report software performs automated data analysis and generates individual reports.


iCubate’s icArchitect software helps users develop powerful mPCR iCs.


iCubate’s icStore helps you distribute iC worldwide by listing it on our online iC-Store.


iCubate’s icCommunity teaches developers how to develop iCs, share ideas, or make contracts.
Each single use cassette comes preloaded with all the reagents necessary to perform a multiplex amplification and detection for your sample. The closed design of the cassette guarantees that the high concentration amplicons contained inside have no chance of contaminating your lab.