Advancing molecular diagnostics


iCubate co-founder, Chairman of the Board and inventor, Jian Han, MD, PhD

Amplicon Rescue Multiplex-Polymerase Chain Reaction (arm-PCR) Technology
  • The need for personalized medicine has increased the demand for molecular differential diagnostics. Personalized medicine starts with a personalized diagnosis. Regular medical practice tends to treat patients based on symptoms, but the root cause is not always able to be determined. For this to happen, the clinician must have a differential diagnosis that results in an accurate classification report for the patient. By using the iCubate System to identify the specific pathogen from a patient’s sample, more precise treatment can be prescribed.
  • Infectious diseases are often caused by dozens of possible pathogens. Traditional diagnostic methods require many separate tests to achieve a complete answer. With this approach, appropriate patient care is delayed and the financial costs are high. iCubate has overcome traditional challenges associated with requiring one patient sample for one diagnostic test to look for one possible pathogen. Using arm-PCR technology, the company’s patent-protected core technology, iCubate can multiplex and detect up to 30 pathogens in one diagnostic test using one patient sample.

arm-PCR technology delivers actionable clinical results